Fitting service from £3 sqm

We don't hide any charges and don't charge any extra for fitting your hall, stairs or landing unlike some of our competitors.  We can uplift your old carpet for a reasonable extra charge.  

Moving a few large items of furniture is free.  We can vacuum and move your furniture back for a small reasonable extra charge.

Vinyl fitting from £4 sqm

Vinyl is a more complicated product to fit. Many fitters avoid it as mistakes, rips and tears can be easily made.  Our fitters are not just handy men.  They are skilled craftsmen who take time to ensure that your floor is made to look just right. 

Additional services such as plytboard or floor screeding are chargeable but not always needed.  Any vinyl over 12 sqm should be stuck to the floor using a specific release adhesive.  Understandably our fitting partners charge a little extra for increased labour and additional product.

We will measure and survey free of charge to make sure that your choices will work well, are planned with minimum waste whilst explaining paterns and joins.

Wood fitting from £10 sqm

The poor fitting of laminate, engineered wood and solid wood is what will give you problems in the future.  The product is rarely at fault.

Wood fitting is labour intensive which is the reason why the fitting costs increase.

Our specific wood fitters have over 8 years experience fitting wood and preparing floors to give you confidence in your choices.

All fitters must have minimum £1m public liability cover and for commercial work we supply Risk Assessment and Method Statements.

Lowest prices guaranteed.